River Rehab Physical Therapy provides expertise in the following areas:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We provide hands-on therapy techniques for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains/strains, tendonitis, and fractures as well as pre- and post operative rehab. Your individualized and comprehensive program will be designed to relieve pain, improve strength, and restore motion and mobility.

Industrial Consultation & Rehabilitation

Our program helps maintain the health, wellness, and safety of the Muscatine-area workforce through evaluation and reconditioning of injured employees. By quickly returning injured workers to productive tasks, costs to the employer are reduced.

WorkSTEPS Pre & Post Employment Testing

Most strain/sprain work-related injuries occur because workers are not able to meet the physical demands of the job they are hired to perform. By offering the WorkSTEPS Employment Testing Program, River Rehab can assist area employers in reducing injury incidence by matching the physical demand levels of the specific job to the physical capabilities of the potential new employee.

Ergonomic Job Site Analysis

River Rehab provides innovative and practical solutions to some of the most challenging ergonomic problems in manufacturing and service industries. This can help employers in:

• Lowering workers’ compensation costs
• Reducing injury rates
• Improving productivity
• Adapting to an aging workforce

Sports Physical Therapy

We provide injury management for athletes who are recovering from acute or chronic injuries and who desire a rapid return to competition. Each athlete will learn how to condition his/her body to achieve optimal levels of performance.

Drug Testing / Hearing Tests

River Rehab provides drug and alcohol screening and collection services as well as hearing tests to meet the needs of various company policies and protocols.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy utilizes water to provide a low-impact, high-results form of therapy. It is designed to improve or maintain function, flexibility, balance, muscle strength and endurance. River Rehab Physical Therapy is fortunate to utilize the facilities of the Muscatine Y for aquatic therapy. Call our office to see if aquatic therapy could be right for you!

Sport Performance

Becoming a better athlete isn’t just about lifting weights. To
take your game to the next level, you need to develop
explosiveness, core strength, cardiovascular endurance, and
flexibility. To help you reach your goals, our sport
performance program features plyometrics, pilates, circuit
training, and much more. The goal at River Rehab is
to help athletes reach their maximum potential by means of
individualized supervised training sessions.